My art haul from APE!

Sooo many awesome artists this year, I really had to hold myself back. But! Theses are the artists I got stuff from, starting from the bottom left-hand corner:

Casey Girard (Tiger card and Animal Alphabet) and

Quoc Phan (Velociraptor sketch)

Doug Pham (Floating Corgi print)

Steph Labris & Jeannine Schafer (Snorffles & Meeps sketchbook, snow leopard and panda prints) and

Odd Fauna (Little wolf figure)

Brynn Metheney (Tea and Creatures sketchbook and Paleo Post postcards)

Tiffany Turrill (Menagerie sketchbook and Paleo Post postcards)

The wolf t-shirt, I feel silly because I didn’t grab their card so I can’t recall what their company name was or website D: I’ll try to track them down.