The Great Huyck Adventure

Now that I’ve compiled all of my notes and drawings from my residency at the Huyck (pronounced “hike”) Preserve near Albany early last month, here is a breakdown of my experience out in the humid forests of upstate New York.

I had arrived literally right after hurricane Irene had struck, and while I was glad that this did not cause any delays in my flight, I found myself circling in my rental car around back roads from Albany to the preserve, as many of the main roads had been closed due to flooding and damage.

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Huyck Preserve Artist Residency

Some time earlier this year I was accepted to an artist residency at the Huyck Preserve in upstate New York, and now that all my flights are booked and travel plans organized, I am considering what kind of work I would like to get done for the two weeks I will be gone.

They call it COM.EN.ART, a natural history artist-in-residency, the name being short for Community, Environment, Art. My interest in this program was that it fulfilled my initial reasons for pursuing Scientific Illustration: Bringing awareness to the community of nature preservation and the importance of understanding our environment. This residency will allow me to work with the field station scientists, as well as offer experience in the field, creating art for both the researchers and my own benefit.

My goals will be to fill up my sketchbook and to create as many new pieces as I can within a two week span. It would only be appropriate for those subjects to include native flora and fauna as well as landscapes, but I am also hoping to go check out nearby museums for more prehistoric subjects to study.

I am unsure at the moment whether I will have regular internet access, but I hope to keep blogging about my experiences there if I am able. So, keep an eye on this blog for further updates.